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Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues,

The International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES) convenes for its second Congress June 7-9, 2013, at the Steigenberger Hotel in central Berlin.

What is ISPRES?
ISPRES is an organization whose primary goal is the education of Plastic Surgeons and clinicians regarding fat grafting and the emerging technologies based on the regenerative properties inherent in grafted fat.
ISPRES is a forum for sharing observations and research about the applications of fat grafting, stromal vascular fraction (SVF), adipose derived stem cells (ADSC), and growth factors (GF) in plastic surgery. We emphasize the functional qualities of grafted fat, particularly the recently recognized role of fat tissue as a repair organ, and how it can aid us in reconstruction and rejuvenation.
We will also explore the clinical uses of fat grafts for creating or restoring fullness in order to improve our aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Along those lines, we review both research and clinical experiences that help us determine how to maximize fat graft survival.
Finally, this year we will begin to educate clinicians about the interpretation of scientific studies and on the nomenclature of fat grafting, SVF, ADSC, GF, clusters of differentiation, and metabolic pathways that are influenced by or influence fat.

The History of ISPRES Rome 2012 Congress
The March 2012, ISPRES Congress in Rome had 90 speakers and attendees from 55 countries. We turned away over 200 people who tried to register. There were over 150 abstracts submitted from all over the world. We used these abstract submissions to create a fresh, vibrant meeting in which much new information was presented. We mingled invited speakers (often in panels) with speakers who had submitted abstracts.
Much of the information was heard for the very first time in an international forum. This worldwide participation of new presentations, made possible by the abstracts fashioned our first ISPRES Congress as different from most other conferences, and more exciting for the attendees and participants alike.

The vision of ISPRES Berlin 2013 Congress
For the next Congress in Berlin, we will maintain the fresh approach of our first Congress in Rome. The invited faculty will present their latest observations, discoveries and research. The scientific and organizing committees will work together to develop a program in which innovative abstract submissions will complement the panels and invited lectures. The social program will encourage further commingling and exchange of information.

Abstract submission for ISPRES Berlin 2013
To aid us in the creation of an inventive program, it is important that everyone participating in the meeting encourage their colleagues, residents and students to submit innovative abstracts. As in ISPRES 2012, the abstract submissions will be positioned to complement the invited faculty presentations, encouraging the introduction of new concepts. The deadline for abstract submission is February 25, 2013. Early submissions will be given priority. Please click here to go to abstract submissions http://www.ispresberlin2013.com/43/1/english/43/42/index.htm#.UNuFRqWWVc4

New for ISPRES Berlin 2013: Special Courses for Practicing Plastic Surgeons!
Cell Biology 101:

Cell biology has become an integral part of plastic surgery and plastic surgeons are constantly exposed to terms and metabolic pathways with which they are not familiar. During ISPRES 2013, we will have courses on the nomenclature of Cell Biology and pertinent metabolic pathways so that the clinicians can begin to understand the terminology that now frequent our journals and meetings. This will be sort of a “Cliff’s Notes” for practicing clinicians.
Interpreting Lab Data 101:
Likewise, the modern plastic surgeon is now faced with reading articles in every one of our journals that require the interpretation and understanding of specific scientific studies on fat grafting, stromal vascular fraction, adipose derived stem cells and growth factors. This course will give the practicing clinician the tools to begin to understand those studies.

ISPRES Berlin 2013 Congress Venue
The modern, luxurious Steigenberger Hotel, well located in central Berlin, has been chosen as the official hotel and meeting venue for ISPRES 2013. We have negotiated an amazingly affordable rate for the rooms. Please register early as the official hotels last year for ISPRES Rome 2012 meeting sold out three months before the meeting.

Steigenberger Hotel (central Berlin)

Los-Angeles-Platz 1
10789 Berlin, Deutschland

Telefon +49 30 2127-0
Fax +49 30 2127-117
E-Mail berlin@steigenberger.de

Become a part of this exciting new society by joining us as a member of ISPRES. The ISPRES membership dues for 2013 are 130€. Candidates and associates can become members for 90€. Complete the membership application and attach a one-page curriculum vitae.

We look forward to seeing you at ISPRES Berlin 2013 this June. Please register now.

Sydney R. Coleman
Secretary General of ISPRES
President of ISPRES Berlin 2013 

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All Recording (Photographic, Video and Audio) of all Congress sessions and Exhibition is strictly prohibited with the penalty of being refused admission to meeting halls and exhibition.

    at a glance
    2nd ISPRES Congress

    7-9 June 2013
    Berlin, Germany

    Steigenberger Hotel

    CME Points

    was granted 16 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

    International Society
    of Plastic Regenerative
    Surgery (ISPRES)

    International Confederation
    for Plastic Reconstructive
    and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) 

    American Society of
    Plastic Surgeons

    British Association of
    Plastic, Reconstructive
    and Aesthetic Surgeons

    Austrian Society of
    Plastic, Reconstructive
    and Aesthetic Surgery

    German Society of
    Plastic, Reconstructive
    and Aesthetic Surgery

    Korean Society of
    Plastic and Reconstructive

    Turkish Society of Plastic
    Reconstructive and
    Aesthetic Surgeons

    important dates
    Abstracts Submission Deadline
    March 20th 2013

    Notification of Abstract Acceptance
    March 27th 2013

    Early Registration Deadline
    April 14th 2013


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